Thursday, 14 August 2014

Majorca again!

I'm back from another lovely trip to Majorca! 

One day of our visit the weather turned a little less 'sunbathy' so we went to explore...

We have driven past Bellver Castle lots of times as its up in the mountains between Palma and Portal Nous. This trip we finally got a chance to visit.
The Castle is round! 

They were setting up for a concert that was taking place that evening. How lovely would that be in a Castle under the stars!

We climbed to the top...

Look at the view!!!!

Then we headed downstairs and off to find lunch.
The sun reappeared so we headed to the beach for lunch. We went to Camp De Mar. 

A lovely beach with a bridge to an island with a restaurant on it! 

(snap from my instagram )

Lunch by the Sea! Seafood Paella of course!

I could have sat there all day!!

Feeling very full I spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing with a good book! 

I wish I was still there!!!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I like this...

I know its summer and I shouldn't even be looking at black boots but I love these! They are so gorgeous!!!!

I need to win the Lottery first though!!! 

Do you like them? You can get them here.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Back to Majorca

So I'm off again!.... back to Majorca in a few days

I visit Majorca a lot

Its easy, 2 hour flight, lovely weather (mostly), cheap flights, etc etc but I go back so often mainly because its beautiful! 

I've visited a few areas of Majorca over the last few years. Here is a quick guide of my favourite places ... so far!!

Soller & Porto Soller
Soller is a beautiful town in the mountains. It has a lovely little square with bars & restaurants and a tram line going through it. 

The Tram takes you to Porto Soller. 

Porto Soller is 10 minutes on the tram from Soller. Its a bay with a port and beach. What I love about this place is the shape of the bay. Its a circle, so if you stand in the right place on the beach you cant see the mouth of the bay and it looks impossible!

Portals Nous & Puerto Portals
Just 20 minutes drive away from Palma these are our micro holiday regulars. Portals Nous isn't really a pretty town but has everything you need including a nice pub or two. The two beaches are a few minutes walk and are gorgeous. A short walk down the road is Puerto portals it is a marina with very large yachts, very expensive bars and shops but a brilliant place to people 
watch and celebrity spot! 

The capital city. Often gets forgotten for city breaks but would be perfect. Cathedral, squares, shopping, and a beach! The best tapas & cocktail bars ever! They don't open until 10pm so expect late nights!!

This is a very brief post as I could talk about Majorca for ages! I will have lots more snaps to bore you with when I get back.

Have you been to Majorca? What is your favourite place?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Toffee Choc Ice-Cream Pie!

As I really enjoy making my Chocolate goo pot, I thought I'd share another easy peasy pudding!.... Toffee Choc Ice-Cream Pie!

I got this idea when I was desperate for cheesecake one evening and didn't have any ingredients...(this happens to everyone right?) so I used ice cream instead. This is a new "healthier" version!! ...

You will need... 

Vanilla Ice cream
Toffee Sauce
Loose Base Cake Tin

Grab your tin and spoon in a layer of ice cream.

Smooth it down and pour over the toffee sauce.

Decorate with your Maltesers.

Pop back into the freezer for at least an hour until ready to serve.

To serve remove the sides of the tin and slice!....Quick though it melts!

Slice up and enjoy!


What do you think?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wedding guest outfits

That time of year again......weddings! I always find these a little stressful as I feel like I have to wear something pretty & pastel. ...People who know me and my black wardrobe will understand my issue! Don't get me wrong I love pretty dresses, I just don't always feel that comfortable in them...I'm not really a girly girl!

Anyway as I have a wedding next month I've been putting together a few outfits. Let me know what you think x 

Outfit 1.
Outfit 2.
Outfit 3.
Dress, Ring, Bag, ShoesWhich of the three do you like best?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Which book next?

This year I have been making a real effort to read more. Its been going well, so far I've got through three books... I know that may not sound a lot to you guys but that's more than I have read in the last 5 years!  

So now I need to decide what to read next? 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated just pop them in the comments! It would be lovely to hear your recommendations.... xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Feeling blue!

There is a beautiful shade of blue doing the rounds at the moment. 

I've seen it pop up in a few shops and it's starting to have a sky resembling effect on my wardrobe!

1. Zara, 2. Zara, 3. Coast, 4. New Look, 5. New Look, 6. Zara
7. Zara, 8. Coast

What do you think? Are you feeling blue?